The Hidden Homeless

When we talk about the homeless, it’s often those who are street homeless who come to mind. There are, however, many more who are the ‘hidden homeless’ - those who are sofa surfing or living in emergency or temporary accommodation. One of our aims is to support the ‘hidden homeless’,  or those who have been homeless, as they look to re-build their lives and re-establish that base (however temporary) from which they need to do ‘life’.

We look to do this by delivering our workshops to those who have experienced homelessness as part of a programme where they can up-cycle or make items for where they are living, while sharing  their experiences in a safe environment and exploring strategies and practical ways they can re-engage with the concept of ‘home’ as the space they can feel safe and secure  from which they can ‘do life’.

Homeless Charity - Justlife

We completed a pilot project with the charity Justlife. Justlife provides support to those living in emergency or temporary accommodation. Room for Home ran a series of up-cycling workshops and provided 1-2-1 support to a small number of their clients who had moved into longer term accommodation.

Here’s what some of the Justlife clients said:

1-2-1 support: “You saved my life”, It was “well brilliant!”.

Workshops: “There was a good range of things to do”, “Was a good way to get to know each other and focus on things that weren’t to do with our circumstances."

Here’s what the staff team said:

“I’ve loved watching Kate at Room for Home take such an open-minded approach to how she works with people to help them create a space that is safe, that is theirs (even if they don’t ‘own’ it!) and a place where they want to be – through exciting workshops and in-house decorating.

Kate has helped the vulnerable people I work with to reclaim spaces they once didn’t feel at home in through listening to what they want to change in their space most and helping them to achieve their vision. “ Engagement Worker